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The Pre School Curriculum


Blocks are ideal for promoting physical skills and eye-hand coordination. They are also designed to support mathematical thinking. Children learn the names of various shapes, create patterns, and compare the weight of different blocks.

Dramatic Play

Dramatic Play children are learning how to work with others, use language to accomplish a task, control their behavior, negotiate roles, take the perspective of other persons, and solve problems.


Art helps children acquire academic skills. Children represent their thoughts and ideas by painting, drawing, sculpting and constructing.


Math Children is learning to count one to one correspondence, estimating and number relationships. Learning about size, quantity, shapes, patterns and sorting. 


Science children learn to explore and question how their environment and world work.

Stories and Books

Stories and Books our classrooms have a large collection of books for the children, we encourage the children to look at the books whenever they want. Reading encourages children to love books, introduces new ideas, and helps children how to handle problems. 


What Our Families are Saying

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